Pre Shipment Inspection

This is a detailed visual and technical Inspection of goods before the shipment. If the production is finished, or at least 80% of products are packed and ready for shipment the samples are selected and tested randomly, according to AQL sampling standards and procedures.

It will be generally done in the manufacturer's premises and the samples selected according to defined sampling procedures. The Inspection criteria are quality, quantity, marking and packing and are based on the client's demands and requirements.

Upon the completion of Pre Shipment Inspection, a detailed Report will be sent to the client.


Appearance: Size, color, shape, processing, etc
Function: Subject to the item inspected
Safety: Rough or sharp edge, creep age, approvals (CE, GS, etc) etc.
Transport: Drop test
Packing: Inner & outer, carton marks, etc.
General Test: Colour wear, tension, pressure, burning points, etc

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