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HuaXin Inspection Services Co.,Ltd. has been founded in 2013 with the aim to avoid buyers risk on purchasing goods and improve the quality of products from various parts of China. We perform professional Quality Control like Inspection Services, Factory Audit and Laboratory Testing any Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or Multi-nation Enterprises.

HuaXin Inspection Services Co.,Ltd. handles each quality control services mentioned as an individual job with same priority. We will evaluate a tailor made solutions and service plans to fulfill your standard with developed work instructions adequate to your requirements for a specific product. Because with us, your concerns from goods production, packing and packaging, pre-shipment to shipment is our task.

We are fully knowledgeable about the weak points in the factories, product lines, development processes, packaging and shipments. We also provide innovative and value-added services to our clients with a wide range expertise on technology, 5S and product development.

Our clients are overseas buyers, local buying offices and factories. We mainly cover and inspect  led products .
We are the one Quality Control Service Partner to cover your whole business. For China's best choice for quality, the name to consider is 

HuaXin Inspection Services Co.,Ltd.

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